home elderly care services

Looking for home care services for a loved one or essential care staffing services for your facility? Precision Essential Care can help.
Precision Essential Care will provide the following essential senior care programs at flexible schedules and cost-friendly service rates.
Precision Essential Care is a national provider of essential home care and staffing services with over 20 years of experience and dedication to enhancing quality of life for others.
We are proud of our compassionate essential care givers devoted to helping people live healthier, longer lives at home or in residential care.
Fostering support while changing the way the world views independence, care and aging…
Precision Essential Care was brought to life after seeing a vital need within our health care system. Being faced with a health challenge can happen to any of us at any time, remembering that, all of us at Precision Essential Care feel you should have the same care and attendance that we ourselves would want. Which means, you shouldn’t have to compromise between the support you need and your dignity and independence. We believe your inheritance of respect is your right and not your option. After all, life isn’t about how long you’re here for, it’s about how well you live while you’re here.
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