When pain is acute it comes on suddenly, often following a sports injury or other trauma. That makes it fairly easy to diagnose and treat. However, the source of your ache isn’t always easily recognizable. In such cases, you require the experienced detection skills of a trained pain management specialist.
At Pain Doctors NJ, pain diagnosis and management centers in New Jersey reach a new level. Advanced non-surgical pain rehabilitation treatments eliminate or drastically reduce your pain while addressing the source of that pain. You can trust the staff and pain doctors at New Jersey pain clinic because they follow an ethical mission.
Pain specialist, Dr. Freeman, is board certified in Interventional Spine and Pain Management, as well as in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He offers the most advanced pain management treatments available in the USA and is among the best pain relief doctors in the country. Come see our new cutting edge, state-of-the-art pain management clinic in NJ.
Our compassionate pain management team is led by premier board-certified, in-network, pain relief specialists who emphasize patient care as the top priority. Our dedicated injury doctors and pain specialists help you overcome a wide variety of pain conditions including neck pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain.
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