Thank you for considering North East Roof -Tune Ups as your gutter cleaning repair and installation professionals. We stand out above the competition included in your gutter cleaning package is a free tuneup. What is a gutter tuneup you may ask Read on to find out! North East Roof Tune-Ups is here to keep your home in tip-top shape with our comprehensive services. ?? Gutter Tune-Up ?? We'll clean out your gutters using leaf blowers, flush them with water, seal leaking seams, and fix any broken hangers, screws, or downspouts. Prices start at $200 for small one-story homes, $250 for larger one-story homes, $300 for two-story homes, and $400 for three-story homes. ?? Roof Tune-Up ?? Includes gutter clean and tune up. Our expert roof maintenance includes leak diagnosing, caulking and sealing vents, flashings, and nail holes, and tightening loose shingles. We'll even replace up to 10 missing shingle tabs, take care of exposed nail heads (nail pops), and trim overhanging limbs to protect your roof. All of this comes with a one-year warranty for just $800. For 20 years, we've been serving your area, providing top-notch services you can trust. Don't hesitate to call I am  available at all times to provide personal customer service  so let’s schedule your roof and gutter tune-up today! Call or text:
Sue Fahrer
Office Manager
North East Roof Tune Ups
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