"At Max Reynolds Tree Services, we pride ourselves in taking care of your trees. With 10 years experience in arboricultural, silverculture, forestry management and countless countryside stewardship & planting schemes we are committed to tree preservation and sustainability.

We have a growing dedicated team that provides specialised arboricultural, tree surgery and site clearance services, as well as professional landscaping and fencing across Cumbria, Lancashire and North Yorkshire.

We ensure that all our work is carried out with the utmost care adhering to all the correct standards and regulations. Whether it's a single tree that needs pruning, a woodland management programme or a large-scale site clearance project involving vegetation removal, our team is well-equipped and qualified to undertake it all.

Tree health and well being is our priority, we are here to help save and preserve and removal is not always the only option. Trust us to give you clear and professional advice.
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