Vacuum Pump Traps, Accessories for vacuum pumps and vacuum pump degassing systems manufacturer, Mass Vac is an industry leading source for new and used vacuum pump equipment, fluids and vacuum pump components.
Our line of vacuum inlet traps provide highly efficient protection for your vacuum pumps and are available with a wide selection of filter elements that can be changed easily without breaking down your entire vacuum system.
MV Vacuum Traps include:
MV Multi-Trap ®
Posi-Trap ®
Visi-Trap ®
Filter Elements
MV Multi-Trap ® for Vacuum Extruders

Vacuum Pump Accessories include replacement filter elements, oil mist eliminators, vacuum components, and other parts.
Top quality vacuum pump accessories keep your working environment safe and your vacuum pump systems working. Mass Vac offers:
Oil Mist Eliminators
Gauges, Hoses, and Fittings
Filter Elements

Degassing Systems offered by Mass-Vac prevent failure from entrapped gas, resulting in higher product yields and lower production costs. MV degassing systems include:
Vacuum Degassing Chamber
15 Gallon Portable Vacuum Degassing System
4 Gallon Portable Vacuum Degassing System

Vacuum pump rebuilding and repair services in New England- Mass Vac is recognized as experts by vacuum equipment manufacturers and users alike.
Several manufacturers have selected Mass-Vac as their sole authorized service center for New England. We also offer rebuilt vacuum pumps from our stock.
Certification as an Authorized Warranty Center for several manufacturers. including; Edwards, Ebara, Adixen by Pfeiser Vacuum and Oerlikon. More Experience than Anyone in the Business…
Rebuilding All Types of Mechanical Vacuum Pumps Since 1971.
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