Lucy Lyle, founder of Perch, has had a successful career that has allowed her to develop the skills necessary to be an entrepreneur. Lucy Lyle founded Perch after realizing the need for a comprehensive online workplace product brand while she was working at Google. While at Google, she became familiar with work trends and consumer behavior related to physical workspaces, which gave her the knowledge she needed to start Perch.. To further this goal, Lucy Lyle and Perch developed products such as flat-packed mahogany desks, which were the only shipped self-assembly products made from solid hardwood at the time. For their efforts to bring office furniture to consumers in new, innovative ways, Lucy Lyle and Perch were profiled in magazines and publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, Architectural Digest, Vanity Fair, Domino, and Men’s Health. For her efforts with Perch, Lucy Lyle was also named one of New York’s top 101 CEOs in the consumer space by BestStartup.us. She resides in Brooklyn with her partner, Jack, and her dog, Chutzpah. She is also an alumnus of Brown University.
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