Carl Lanham was a young man in Louisville, KY during the war. He worked on an aircraft assembly line, where he became interested in refrigeration. After Carl died in 1984, his two sons, Neil and Brad Lanham took over the business. They have continued to run it since that time under the same operational name. He primarily worked in the early days of refrigeration, but as the need for HVAC rose over time, he began to transition his business from refrigeration to HVAC. Now, their nephews are taking up their legacy by joining them in this line of work. We are Lanham Refrigeration. What does that mean to you? It means our HVAC contractor in Lebanon is here to help you keep your home or office as cool and comfortable as possible, with the best working equipment on the market. We have a team of experts ready and waiting to take care of all your needs, from air conditioning installation to duct cleaning.
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