Learning Experience Design & Educational Consultants, Jackrabbit LX offers streamlined solutions for extraordinary learning experiences.
We envision, design, and scale online learning programs tailored to your needs. Our online program management (also referred to as OPM) features cutting edge technology and design, combined with solid educational consulting and learning foundations.

Learning experience design, or LX Design combines several learning design disciplines such as;
interaction design,user experience design, experience design, graphic design and game design.
LXD educational program development combines these design elements with more traditional elements of education,
training and development, instructional design, cognitive psychology, experiential learning, educational sciences and neuroscience.

Choose an online program management company that will actively provide support every step of the way, from elearning content development, learning experience design to program launch; offering continuous improvement throughout the process by
implementing user feedback and partnering with your educational team to solve problems and attain objectives.

Educational Consulting Services:
Fostering organizational preparation and planning
Envisioning new programs
Re-imagining existing programs
Reviewing and selecting technologies
Creating strategic program roadmaps

Learning Experience Design Services:

Developing engaging interactive experiences
Providing ever-present feedback
Creating powerful graphic design
Mapping dynamic content and activities
Generating prototypes and testing with learners
Documenting program design playbooks

Educational & elearning content development & production services:

Managing programs & projects
Producing compelling video and audio
Developing interactive media
Writing and editing
Ensuring accessibility standards
Producing content for learning management systems
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