With the rise of social media, the world is faced with the challenge of increasing health-related fake news more than ever before. We are constantly flooded with health-related information through various online platforms, many of which turn out to be inaccurate and misleading. This chapter provides an overview of various health fake news and related studies which have been reported in various news articles and scientific journals. Some of the studies conducted on health misinformation identified a prominence of vaccine- and cancer-related fake news. The popularity of so-called unproven natural cures for cancer and other diseases is alarming. The chapter also highlights the importance of maintaining accurate and effective scientific communication in this COVID-19 pandemic-hit world to safeguard public health. The current pandemic has also proved fertile ground for spreading misinformation. The chapter brings the audience’s attention to the consequences of health misinformation, ranging from giving false hope to patients to the hurdles it poses to effective medical care. Finally, the chapter addresses some of the possible strategies to keep health misinformation in check.
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