Welcome to Greater Boston Behavioral Health. A commitment to personal, social, and professional growth is upheld, commencing with a diagnostic mental health evaluation leading into PHP and IOP programs for clients aged 18 and above. A diverse community in the greater Boston area is served, with integration of CBT, DBT, and trauma therapy for individuals, with a strong emphasis on family involvement. Family dynamics are being reconstructed as a whole. A safe and therapeutic environment is provided by licensed professionals in both group sessions and individualized treatment. Efforts by the management team are dedicated to connecting clients with outside resources for personal enrichment, facilitating a successful daily life. Upon admission to the program, clients will be met by the medical team for a full mental health evaluation to establish or reconstruct the proper medication management plan.

Greater Boston Behavioral Health (GBBH) treats mental health conditions in an outpatient setting. They provide intensive outpatient programs (day or evening), partial hospitalization, and medication management. Their LGBTQ+ track focuses on the nuanced needs, stressors, and triggers of the community. GBBH prioritizes mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy to help reframe and reshape thinking patterns.
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