Greater Boston Addiction Centers is a progressive new drug rehab program located in Needham, MA. About 30 minutes west of downtown Boston, our drug treatment programs offer hope, resources, and mental health counseling to people who are struggling with addiction. The more hopeless you feel, the more spectacular your recovery will be.

Anyone struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol needs professional support to heal and recover. Greater Boston Addiction Centers is here to help. Our substance abuse rehab programs provide daytime outpatient and evening intensive outpatient drug treatment programs to help you or your loved one rebuild and restore hope.

At Greater Boston Addiction Centers, you will learn how to identify and change negative feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. We take a cognitive-behavioral approach to first address a person’s thoughts and emotions before helping them achieve the behavior changes they’re looking for. Another important aspect of an addiction treatment program is learning to work through cravings without relapsing or hurting others. If you have relapsed before, you may have blamed yourself or someone else, but placing blame only increases the likelihood of relapse. At Greater Boston Addiction Centers, you will learn that blaming yourself and accepting responsibility are two entirely different things.
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