Esports Betting Guide: Markets and Odds

Betting chances represent the likelihood of a particular outcome, in this case our favorite esports team succeeding. Depending on where in the world you place your bet, the odds may appear differently. Betting platforms use decimal, American (also known as money line) and fractional odds formats to represent betting odds because esports is played in front of a multi-national audience. Before you start betting, you need to familiarize yourself with the site of your choice and the laws of your country. Due to its simplicity, decimal odds is the most widely used format by online betting sites; we will use this format in the examples in the rest of this article.

Esports betting for beginners
The eSportBet.com staff noticed a severe lack of online esports resources that could comprehensively teach the basics of esports betting. If you are completely new to online esports betting or betting in general, read our guide: How to bet on esports to better understand the odds and eSports before you start betting on your favorite esports games and teams. competitive market. We want fans of esports to be able to correctly and safely place real money bets on their favorite players and teams. Learn more about Casino.How to Bet on Esports
Esports betting works in the same way as betting on traditional sporting events. Match winner or match win is the most basic type of betting in esports. Depending on your favorite social group or online bookmaker, it's also known as Pinnacle, BetEasy, William Hill, and many other terms. The idea is simple: after choosing which odds offer the best value for your hard-earned money, you can bet on the team you think will win the game.

Esports betting will become easy by 2023 due to the market availability of the most popular video game competitions. We are often asked how to bet on esports and this article will walk you through the important elements of online betting. This includes information on esports games, bookmakers and sportsbooks, how to understand odds and payouts, and banking data. For those new to online betting, our beginner's guide to esports betting will provide clear, simple instructions on how to bet on esports.The Basics of Winning Esports Betting
So, in our simple match winner example for starters, we want to bet on Team Immunity to win a CS:GO match between Athletico and Team Immunity. It is imperative to break down the three main variables that every bettor should consider before placing a bet.

The odds format used by your chosen online bookmaker or sportsbook, such as decimal odds, fractional odds, or American odds.
Odds: The amount that a bookmaker or sportsbook will pay for a successful bet, along with the necessary stake.
Your bankroll is the total amount of real money you plan to wager.
In our example it will look like thisThe fictional bookmakers we have chosen use decimal odds.
Athletico has a hypothetical win rate of 1.60 compared to Team Immunity's 2.50.
A $100 bet is what we want for real money bets (up to - set yourself a limit).
We decided to put $100 on Team Immunity to win.

The sportsbook multiplies our $100 bet by the odds it offers to determine our likely return from the gamble. Stake x Odds = Expected Return is a formula you calculate yourself. In this case, 100 x 2.50 equals 250. If Team Immunity wins, we'll get $250. This includes your entire profit of $150 plus our initial stake of $100. Learn more about CasinoSimply subtract one from the specified opportunity to determine our likely overall profit. Stake x (Odds - 1) = Actual Profit is the new formula. In this case, 100 x (2.50 – 1) equals $150.

The odds bookmakers are willing to offer bettors represent their implied likelihood of one team beating another in a match. According to bookmakers and sportsbooks, the lower the odds, the more likely a team will win. According to the bookmaker or sportsbook, the higher the odds, the less chance a team has of winning.

If we had wagered the same amount on Team Athletico at $1.60 instead of Team Immunity at $2.50, we would have won more money. If we have, the calculation is as follows: 100 (bet) x 1.60 (odds) = 160. (expected return). Subtracting one from the odds and multiplying by our stake would result in an actual profit of $60 if our bet is successful.Given that sportsbooks give Team Athletico a 62.5% chance of winning the game, betting on them may be more valuable given the higher probability of the specific outcome we're betting on (race win). We received a smaller bonus, but the bookmaker who accepted it thought it was a better bet.

Many variables, including your familiarity with the team in question, their skill level, characteristics, individual strengths and weaknesses, and even preference, can affect your ultimate decision as to which outcome is the better bet, just like in all other sports, competitions , bet real money with people in the novelty category. We stress the need to take the time to check the previously listed elements before placing a bet, although many other esports guides and websites often tell you to always bet for value.For example, in our hypothetical case, we might choose to bet on Team Immunity due to Team Athletico's recent losing streak in games leading up to the tournament we are betting on, as stated earlier. Perhaps, as supporters, we have observed that Team Athletico has lost a key member due to intra-team conflicts and we believe there could be a major upset in our favour.

Before we examine these elements in more detail, we want to explain the different types of betting you'll see at online sportsbooks on our favorite esports games, and provide links to our dedicated guides and tips for esports betting Links to player and team profile databases used by players.
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