Littleton MA Excavating and Septic System Contractor, EmRay Excavating offers a complete range of excavation services
including full site preparation, grading, drainage, trenching,
foundation/addition excavation, utility installations as well as septic system installations, inspections and repairs.
Our experience, knowledge, credentials and equipment assure we can complete your project big or small.
We pride ourselves on providing quality work and customer satisfaction at a reasonable price. Proudly servicing the MA towns of;

Westford MA

Excavating Services include:
Utility, Water, and Sewer Installation and Repair: In addition to full water and sewer installation and repair,
EmRay Excavating can preform electrical, communication and other sub surface utility conduit installations.
We are always ready to provide 24 hour emergency service.

Septic Installation: Emray Excavating has worked with many kinds of septic systems from large commercial systems
to conventional residential systems.
We are well versed in the installation of the most current innovative and alternative systems such as FAST, PercRite,
We offer our clients a start to finish approach with the ability to include, treework, clearing, plumbing
and electrical work if required, to make the project as easy as possible.

Septic Inspections: A licensed title V inspector will inspect your septic system, identify any trouble areas, perform necessary repairs
and make recommendations to keep your septic system up to todays Title V standards.

Septic Repairs: From single component repairs such as D-Box replacement to entire system upgrades,
EmRay Excavating can fix the toughest septic problems.

Grading and Drainage Contracting Services:EmRay Excavating can handle all of your grading and drainage needs.
The first step is to identify the problem. Then we start by regrading to maximize the natural drainage of your yard.
We can then install the correct configuration of piping, drywells and chambers to alleviate the water problem in your yard.

Why Choose EmRay Excavating?

Twenty years of experience, enabling us to handle any unforeseen situations.

Our full understanding of innovative and alternative systems.

Local, family-owned business that takes pride in our workmanship.

We treat your yard with the respect it deserves.
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