According to the American Dental Association, the most common causes of adult tooth damage are linked to sports injuries. While partaking in recreational activity bodes well for optimal health, when dental emergencies arise, it’s imperative to consult with an East Flatbush emergency dentist. If you’ve sustained a tooth injury while playing a sport, make AFAM Dental your first port of call.
Car accidents are also responsible for a fair amount of tooth injuries. Though the enamel on our teeth is incredibly strong, it can’t hold up against powerful collisions. In other words, if your face collides with your steering wheel during an accident, you’re likely to encounter a dental emergency. We recommend making an appointment with an East Flatbush emergency dentist following a trip to the emergency room.
If you feel a sudden and severe toothache coming on, this constitutes a dental emergency. Those who neglect to resolve this issue will only compound their pain. With that said, it’s crucial to enlist the help of an East Flatbush emergency dentist when dental problems rear their heads.
Dentists warn against allowing dental problems to go unchecked. In some cases, negligence can lead to gum disease and dental abscess. No doubt two unfavorable realities, it’s vital to seek assistance immediately.
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