Duolingo test – have you heard about it? This is one test that you must qualify to pursue your dream of studying abroad.
There are several things that you must know about this test. Here in this blog you will find all the details.
A computer-based online test for assessing English proficiency designed for use by students and institutions from various nations is called the Duolingo English Test Online. One can access the exam online and take it from the convenience of their home using a computer and web-cam, eliminating the need to travel to a testing location.
The test's objective is to gauge a candidate's level of skill in four different languages for speaking, reading, and writing. The complexity of the questions increases with each correct response and decreases if the response is incorrect because the test is administered utilising computer adaptive technology. The test takers must also submit a writing sample and take part in a video interview where they are asked to record their responses to open-ended questions in addition to their proficiency score.
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