Clients who desire to find a safe way to look and feel good will always find a wide range of procedures from CoolSculpting EDU. They are also experts in liposuction and also breast lift. Our team are professionals who are all certified and acknowledged by the state in the plastic surgery industry. CoolSculpting EDU is headed by Katie who has a keen attention to details, and understanding of the industry. CoolSculpting EDU thinks each project is different and needs custom-made solutions. For those that are seeking plastic surgery solutions, CoolSculpting EDU utilizes the most effective practices for non-surgical fat reduction, Cool Sculpting services, and of course, Cool Sculpting. CoolSculpting EDU is a sophisticated plastic surgery company in Chestnut Hill, MA that wants to to provide superior but low-cost cosmetic surgery services for those who desire to find a safe way to look and feel good. Together with their trusted personnel CoolSculpting EDU takes care of each and every client to guarantee they remain in good care. We consider your privacy so we put the wants and health of our customers above our list.
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