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Chimney Sweep & Dryer Vent Cleaning has provided chimney cleaning in Jackson Township, NJ and the surrounding areas. A clean chimney is a safe chimney. When you put Chimney Sweep & Dryer Vent Cleaning chimney sweeps to work for you, the result will be a chimney that’s clear of excess creosote buildup and any drafting obstructions that may exist inside the flue. Cleaning creosote from a chimney flue doesn’t require any dismantling of the structure. Rather, we use industry-grade power brushes, hand brushes, vacuums and chemical cleansers to clean the entire chimney from the smoke chamber to the chimney cap. Most fire-safety organizations in the U.S. recommend annual chimney cleaning to help prevent chimney fires and ensure the safe operation of the fireplace. While professional cleaning is always important, you can reduce the level of smoke from your burns to add less creosote to your flue.
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