Prime Car Wash in Greenwood is a modern car wash company that prides in delivering state-of-the-art services. As a full-service car wash provider, they can handle all kinds and sizes of vehicles. Serving the Greenwood area and nearby cities, they are committed to providing a quality customer experience. It starts with their extensive range of services such as full-service car wash, exterior cleaning, interior cleaning, and full detailing.

They put a premium on quality customer experience, which is why Prime Car Wash has child-friendly and spacious lounges that you can relax in while waiting for your vehicle to be ready. In addition, they also offer the unique Flexi Service Car Wash. This combines the full-service and exterior-only car wash experience so you can save time and get maximum value for your money. Their commitment to innovation is one of the reasons why Prime Car Wash is the go-to choice for residents of Greenwood. At the same time, they strive to maintain good relations with their customers – old or new.
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