FlyFin is the world's #1 A.I. tax service in the world, built to make taxes effortless for freelancers, self-employed individuals, small business owners & independent contractors who receive a 1099 form. A.I. finds on average $3,700 of additional tax savings in 5 minutes. World-class CPAs with a combined 100+ years of experience file your 1099 taxes. A.I. tracks your business expenses to find every possible tax write-off for your business with 100% accuracy, including the home office deduction and hundreds of others. You also get unlimited 24/7 access to our licensed tax CPAs and IRS enrolled agents. A.I. never forgets to look for deductions and never misses even the smallest tax write offs, so you save the most possible. Meanwhile, self-employed individuals have access to a suite of calculators for better tax planning to find out how much they owe in 1040-ES estimated taxes and how much they owe depending on their tax bracket. They can also calculate their income tax using a federal income tax rate calculator. FlyFin is a game changer for freelancers, gig workers, independent contractors and self-employed workers with 1099 or other self-employed income in the U.S.
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